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The Burmese Buddhist Association of Chicago(BBA) was founded by a few Burmese immigrants back in 1984. And the Association has grown remarkably since then. We welcome all new comers from Burma and any person interested to learn, participate, the teaching of the ways of Lord Buddha through our Burmese Buddhist Religion, for friendship and fellowship

We host a few traditional Burmese events and celebrations of our Holyday Ceremonies annually Please check our annul events calendar. BBA is a 501� (3) Tax-exempt Organization.

Rumi : God is like an ocean, and religions are like Rivers that all flow into the same ocean.
All donations to the Burmese Buddhist Association are accepted by directly mailing a check to the said address and all donations are Tax deductable. You may want to indicate on the check the purpose of your charity towards a specific project,

Resident Abbot
Sayadaw Bhaddanta Kaythawa was born on Monday, the 2nd waxing day of Taboung in 1300 of the Burmese calendar year ( March 6th 1939) to U Hnyum and Daw Dwe from The Su Village, Winndwin Township, Mandalay Division, Burma (Myanmar)
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